Vision & Objectives

The overall objective of the REWARD project is to develop the knowhow, intellectual property rights and technical capabilities to adequately and cost-effectively produce cleaner, highly efficient Diesel powertrains and aftertreatment technologies for future cleaner class A, B, C, D and E passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) up to 3,500 kg that “go beyond Euro 6 limits under Real Driving conditions” (EU6 RDE).

All technologies: friction and wear reduction measures, exhaust gas treatment concepts, fuel-efficient 2-stroke and 4-stroke Diesel engine concepts will be advanced to TRL 6 or TRL 7 and integrated in two demonstration vehicles. A full calibration and assessment of the vehicles and underlying technologies will take place to proof: real driving emissions below upcoming Euro 6 limits, 25% friction reduction in the entire engine, a significant higher lifetime durability and a more than 5% improved overall fuel efficiency. The impact of the cost effectiveness and high yield producibility of the applications will also be demonstrated.


REWARD’specific scientific and technical objectives, main innovations and targeted key results are:

1. To develop and demonstrate advanced exhaust gas treatment concepts:

  • advanced catalyst formulations
  • advanced compact Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) technology
  • advanced exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) strategies of the Diesel engine

2. To develop and demonstrate advanced friction and wear reduction measures:

  • novel high durability, low friction (diamond like carbon) coatings
  • PVD/PACVD coated components
  • understanding of the interactions between coating and lubricant
  • a mechanically highly efficient engine and demonstration of a 3% fuel saving for one engine concept

3. To develop an innovative 2-stroke Diesel engine architecture for B/C class vehicles:

  • optimised scavenging process, combustion system and engine operating parameters
  • demonstrating fuel savings of 5% compared to state of the art EU6 4-stroke engines for the same class applications

4. To develop and demonstrate advanced 4-stroke Diesel engines suited for class B, C D and E passenger cars and LCVs:

  • providing improved engines and combustion systems (reduced engine-out emissions)
  • integrating the fully calibrated engines and the aftertreatment system into class B/C and D/E demonstration vehicles
  • demonstrating a fuel saving of 5% compared to state of the art EU6 4-stroke engines for the same class applications

The demonstration vehicles, incorporating the developed Diesel engine technologies, exhaust gas treatment technologies and friction and wear reduction measures shall prove, by independent testing, a more than 5% improved fuel economy and compliance with stricter post Euro 6 limits under Real Driving conditions, ≥ 3 dB less noise and at least 50% less particle emissions.


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